Importing sub flows. Something isn't working

In reference to this thread:

My last post.

Ok, you may need to look towards the top.

I posted a subflow.

I stuffed up, and wanted to go back to the working version I posted.

I copy/paste/import it to NR.

None of the internal links exist.

The links to/from the output/input are there. But no internal links.


This shouldn't happen - yeah?


I tested exporting a sub-flow and re-importing it.

It doesn't work. ie: links are not honoured.

Walk through:

input node. ---> change node. --> link out node. ----> link in node --> output node.

(Not rocket science)

I exported the flow to the clipboard.

Renamed it to 3 O

Imported it and you tell me.

Is this a bug?

Yes. What version of Node-RED is this on?

(Greatest apologies for negating this. I'm kind of swamped with a project.)

Dashboard 2.19.3
Node 10.17.0

Ubuntu 18.0.4 LTS
(what else? sorry)

Thanks for reporting. No more info required. Will investigate.

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