Subflow importing, problem with link in & link out

I tried to import flow with the subflow that already exists in my flow instance by selecting option "import copy", that resulted in "link in" & "link out" were not connected to anything.

As i understand this can be a problem with ID link between specified link nodes.

I think it's a node red core bug to be fixed. Can someone confirm it's a common issue?

Can you provide some more details of the scenario? Where are the link in/out nodes? Entirely inside the subflow? Or linking in/out of the subflow?

The link nodes were Entirely inside the subflow

I can't immediate recreate that here - if I import a copy of a subflow containing link nodes, all of the links still exist in the copy as expected.

What version of Node-RED are you using?

Node-red version 1.2.6

I have to admit now when i try to recreate the problem everything is linked without an issue, but as long i know this is not first time when the links in the subflow weren't connected after importing. Can't really say what triggers the problem as it happens randomly.