Links disconnected after export/import

Hello there.
Every time I export/import a flow by selecting nodes by mouse and then clicking export in menu and copy paste it in another Node-red import, the links between link nodes are not transferred. Thats really annoying figuring out what should be where connected. Is it a bug, or am I doing something wrong? I wasn't able to find any info on this topic.

Im currently running Node-RED v3.0.2 and Node.js v16.18.1

Thanks for your time

That is generally expected to work.

Can you raise an issue with a minimal set of steps to recreate?

I've just tried to do it as simple as possible, so I assembled just inject and debug output connected via link out and link in nodes. If that is then exported and imported into flow, everything works. But problem appears when I try to import it in a subflow, then the links disappear. Is that an expected behaviour, or should I raise an issue on the Github?

Raised issue #4055

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