Link broken export/import function

As soon as you work with multiple flows you need link-in and link-out nodes to connect.
Unfortunately when doing an export and re-import flows the links are broken which is a challegne when having multiple flows.

Just updated to node-red V1.x but looks like that has not been solved yet.
Is there any workaround to solve this problem?

Best Jens

Hi @jk2020

can you provide a bit more of an example of what you mean?

There was a bug in this area some time ago, although I can't find the details right now. But it is certainly fixed in 1.0.2 as I've just successfully exported and imported a flow that includes link nodes.

Are you exporting/importing both flows at the same time or do you export/import one flow and then export/import the other?

So far exported/imported one flow after the other.
Tried again with v1.02 and still same, e.g. not saving links.

However just realized that it is possible to export all flows together.
Tried export/import with "all flows" and this works.

Many thanks leading me into right direction