Link Node don t find new links

Hey there,

I use some link-out and link-in nodes to connect some flows..
Now i tried to create a new connection but my new link-out-node isn t shown in the link-in-node configuration. have any one an idea?


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Sorry I mean... try to create the link out deploy and then go and create the link in and see if is appearing now

Hig guys, same problem here.
I am beginner, but I have some nodes already working. In the first flow I have 1 link out and several link ins. It works.
In a new flow I cannot connect new link nodes anymore. The table shows only the ones from the first flow. Don't know what to do anymore. Any help is appreciate it. The advice from davidcgu don't help.
BR Rudi

So are you saying that in the new flow you add both link-in and link-out nodes and then when you go to the link-in, it doesn't show the link-out node? Have you named the link nodes so youcan make sure?

Yes, its like you said. Don't know where the problem is. Here my steps:

  1. Insert Link out node in a flow.
  2. Define a name to it.
  3. Connect to a Logic & Deploy
  4. Insert Link in node and connect to a logic.
  5. Open Link in node.
  6. No link out node is in the list. Only some from another flow which i created 1 month ago.

I exported all my flows, then I deleted them. Start from a scratch. It worked. Exported the flows with working link nodes into a file. Recoverd my old flows again and imported the new ones. Works.

When I try to create new link nodes in a new flow. Same behaviour.
I am confused. Has to do something with my logic. But I don't know what.

Can you provide your flow? Follow the directions in this thread when sharing your flow: How to share code or flow json

Also please provide details as to which version of node-red and nodejs you are running.
Are there any messages in the Node-RED log

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I am using Node-RED packaged as Addon for the Homematic CCU3 and RaspberryMatic.
All my Flows have connections to my HomeMatic System in my house. I have some doubts to post it here :smiley: On the other hand, the problem is not too serious.
Merry Christmas guys