Hyperlink to linked nodes on link-in/link-out


In would be nice if the link-in and link-out nodes had an easy way to navigate to the nodes they were linked to/from. I'm thinking something like a right-click pop-up that lists the name/id of each link and clicking one navigates to it. Or making the list under Info > Information > Links hyperlinks to the node. Either way, the effect would be the same as when you click on the node id in the Log window, where it navigates to the right tab and highlights the node in question.

At the moment I seem to be forever double-clicking to open, scrolling to find what it's linked to/from, and then trying to figure out where it is on that tab (I'm aware that I can do a Find with the id, but finding the id of the one you want is not easy).


First: give your links a name.
Second: click the link node once and you see where it is going. and you can click that link it will take you to that node and select it.

It is actually quite sophisticated.


I'm guessing your not on v0.20.x?

See the section on link nodes in the blog post about the latest version https://nodered.org/blog/2019/03/12/version-0-20-released


I'm on 0.20.3 and not seeing that behaviour. I'm using Node Red in a hass.io component, so I don't have a lot of options with the version, but the component has an update available, so hopefully I get lucky. Thanks for replying.


No luck there - nodered/node-red-docker is still on 0.20.3, and I'm not getting that behaviour in that version.

Or am I misunderstanding? You're just clicking to select a link node and see a nearby popup showing what it's linked to? When I hover over a link node it pops up the name above, but clicking on it does nothing more than select it.

The blog post mentioned by @ukmoose only talks about wiring link nodes, not hyperlinking to them once wired.


When you click a Link node, it will show its links to other Link nodes on the same tab. If it has any links to nodes on other tabs, it also shows a virtual node you can click on and it takes you to that tab with all of the connected link nodes highlighted.


Aha thanks - when I was looking for it, I clicked on nodes that only had links on the same tab. Hence I was very confused. I assume you will close swiftly while mocking me from a distance.

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