Feature: Link-out nodes get a separate Index to show all connected link-in nodes

Hi, I didn’t found anything related searching trough post…

It would be good if the link-out nodes have a second index in the setup that shows all connected link-in nodes, instead of searching them in the big list where all link-in nodes show up.

Or do I miss a thing that this is already available somehow?
If yes, sorry for creating a topic :slight_smile:

You can see its links in the info->properties pane

Then you can copy that ID and search for it...


Thanks for the quick reply.

I am aware of this, but it doesn’t show up in real name like in the settings menu of the node.

For me, usually naming every single link node (when I’m not in a rush) and using tons of them to keep my flows tidy, it would be unreal convenient to see the names of connections directly in a second index.

It would be honestly just a click and I’d could directly tell if there is a false connection or something missing instead of scrolling through the index-Page in the setup where all are listed. (Same for link in nodes)

I even scrolled through there and missed one that was already connected just because I have so many (200+)

Alternatively it would be a feature to see the name instead of the node Id in the info window. Maybe it could be doable be activating a check-box in the main node red settings, so everyone can decide for name or Id.

Thanks for your time!
I love Node-Red btw. It’s my stand-alone system for my automation

It didn’t let me upload an image before, that’s what I am talking about

@Steve-Mcl you don’t think that could be a feature?
If not, or too much effort, feel free to close this


It is certainly something to consider so I wont say no (right now)

There may be better options/ideas that benefit in other ways too so I will leave it open for others to comment (and promote) the feature request.

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