Allow for names in the link nodes

Allow for names in the link nodes. Why should I have to double-click just to see where it goes if I could put it in the node "Name" field?
If you want to keep the links anonymous for some reason, just don't put anything in the name field.

You can make the name visible from the appearance tab of the link node settings. Just make the label to "Show". They default to hide the label to not distract from the overall flow I assume. Similarly you can hide the label from other nodes.

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Thanks! Would've added a screenshot if it wasn't too tedious on an Android tablet...

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Have a read of this too.

Thoughts on using the LINK node

The link nodes used to default to being big and showing the label but many of us wanted it to default to no label as they take up a lot of real estate on the tab when You have many of them.

Having them show where they go/what they are called to by simply clicking on them/hovering over them has worked well for most of us


It sounds like you haven't thought about the fact the name is also used to identify the links on rhe link in node listing.

if you can wait for 1.1, there is an editor action (which you can assign a keyboard shortcut to), to show the label for selected nodes making it much faster to show the "name" of your link nodes

Also you can hover over any link node to see its name in a tooltip.


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