Suggestions of how to use `LINK` nodes

link nodes were a strange thing to me for a long time.

But once you start multiple tabs, they are invaluable.

But they can be confusing too. They are just a 1 x 1 grey box on the flow.

A few things I have applied to make use of them better.

1 - if the link is only going to another point on the same tab: leave well enough alone.
2 - if the link goes to another tab: Name the node. Also open the appearance part and tick the LABEL button. Which toggles between hide and show.
This means when you exit the editing, the name of the node is shown.
I find the best name is the name of the signal it is sending then the tab name to which it is linked.
If it goes to multiple tabs, just the name of the signal.
3 - if it goes to both local nodes and nodes on another tab: Do the same as 2.

This may not cover all cases, but realistically those 3 examples are all it can do.
I hope it is helpful to some people.

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