Link nodes. Suggestion. (For new version of NR)

I have recently watched the youtube clip about the new NR.

Nick went on to talk about the link node and how it can now be connected.

Just some thoughts on that:

  • yes it is good you can "draw" the connections as per normal nodes.
  • This is only applicable to nodes which are on the same tab. (Given)
  • For nodes on other tabs I suggest this:
    When opening the "connected to" box when double clicking on the LINK node:
    rather than getting the huge list of nodes shown, break then down to something like a tree structure.
    This way if I am on "tab 1" and want to connect this link node to a node on "link 5" I double click the node and see a list of all the tabs: tab1, tab2, tab3, tab4, tab5 etc.
    Then I click on the tab5 and it opens a list of nodes on that tab to which I can connect.

This would be a lot better/nicer than a simple "flat" structure where all the nodes are listed.

Yes, I accept and appreciate that the nodes are grouped together in tab order. But that list can quite easily become long and unpleasant looking.

I hope this idea is considered and (if good) used.


Thanks for the idea... only a pity you didn't try the new feature before spending time writing it all out... or you would see it now looks like this


Yeah, well I watched the youtube clip.....

Just in follow up to the suggestion of me updating:

Why I am not updating.

Last couple of posts.


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