Link node suggestion getting to the ends of the link when on the same tab

Link nodes are handy and when going between several tabs are really useful.

But when the link is on the one tab it can be problematic.

I am in the bottom right corner and the link goes to the top left.

The only way to trace it and find the other end is to click the node to get the dotted line visible then scroll the display.

One mistake and clicking in the wrong place, the link goes away and you have to start again.

If the link goes to another tab you click on the tab's name and are (usually) taken to that node.
I'm not exactly sure on the mechanics of how it would be done, but if the dotted line is visible:
RMB on the line would bring up two options.
out and in.
Clicking on the out takes you to the link out node.
Likewise clicking on the in takes you to the link in node.


I also used to struggle with this then found that using a mouse with a scroll-wheel greatly simplifies navigation. This is for MS-Windows so will need changes on OSX (Chrome browser extensions etc.).

Hold down CTRL-scroll and it resizes the page so you can easily see the entire flow at once. You can release the CTRL and roll the page up / down to help visualize where the link starts / ends.

For me this ceased to be an issue. YMMV.



This won't solve your issue/suggestion, but a workaround: give the link nodes (functional) names and unhide the labels.

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