Possible improvements for link nodes

Originally I posted a feature request to make the layout of nodes more flexible ("handles at top and bottom"). For the record, I now abhor linkages going to the left, and love the link nodes. It forces me to break the flow into logical meaningful chunks, which makes the flows far easier to understand. Having 20 connected nodes across 4 rows quickly does your head in because it starts off looking daunting. But 5 related nodes linked together and ending in a link out is easy. And then you just have 4 instances of that. Exactly the same result, but somehow simpler.

So at the risk of setting off another frenzy of posts... And just thinking out loud...

I now have a lot of link nodes. And they all effectively become the public interface to this otherwise beautifully structured flow. It would be nice if I could:

  • visually differentiate links that have connections to a different tab (eg. different border colours). I know I can see this if I select the node, but maybe I'm lazy. I'm currently sort of doing this with comment nodes.
  • See a count of the number of connections an input or output link has (very handy to highlight the ones I've forgotten to wire up). You can sort of see this too if you select the node.
  • Flag link nodes as 'local', meaning they don't show up as possible connections on other tabs. i.e. have some type of public/private interface between tabs. This could link in with the visual differentiation above. Copy/paste probably makes this problematic though.
  • Put a message inside them to display like a comment node (I think I've seen this requested already).