Wire connection linkout to linkin in different flows (tabs)

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I don't if I post in the right section here. Maybe the admin will move this.
I'm Using Nodered 3.0.1.
In previous versions I was able to made the connections between linkout and linkin nodes by wiring from starting by one of those (mouse button on hold), moving the wire to the other flow(tab), clicking it and connect the wire(it was still visible) to the other link node. With the versions >=3.0.x it is only posilble to connect wires, when both link nodes in the same flows(tab). Is this an issue? Maybe the procedure has changed.


That isn't a procedure we had ever specifically supported. I wasn't aware it was even possible to achieve. The 'expected' method of connecting link nodes between different flow tabs is via its edit dialog.

There were a number of mouse handling fixes in 3.0 that I could see would 'break' the technique you had discovered, but as it wasn't an intentional behaviour, I'm hesitant to label it a bug.

Thanks for the reply. Maybe it is posible to reestablish the behaviour in the future. Linking via the edit dialog is hard when you have multible linkin/out nodes in a tab because of the 'human unfriendly' names the nodes have. So it seems I have to give names to the link nodes before connecting.

This is one of the reasons in 3.0 the link nodes get a more human friendly name when they are added to the workspace.


Oh, I see. I haven't considered that! Makes sense.

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