Link nodes - what am I missing?


I’m trying to use the link nodes to connect the outputs of a switch node to the inputs of another section in my flow. And while I can create connections to the out node (and the links between them), I can’t create connections coming out of the input nodes.

So I can only assume I must be doing something wrong ?

Here’s a mock-up to show I can do connections to the output link nodes, but no matter what I do, I can’t connect the input nodes to the debugs ?

Ideally give the output links names so you can identify them. Then open one of the input nodes and you should see a list of available out links that you can link it to. Select the one you want.

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That's not normal.

Perhaps refresh browser? Use another browser? Check Dev tools (F12) for errors and feedback.

If all else fails, reinstall node-red.

which version of Node-RED and which OS is it running on ? And which browser ?

I’m away from my PC at the moment , but as I have a couple of instances of NR running. Using the latest iOS/Safari (on my iPhone) I can confirm that...

I can create connections (to/from other nodes) using BOTH input and output Link nodes under v20.3

But I can only connect nodes into to the output Link nodes under v20.7

Sorry all..

Update - it works via Chrome on a Windows 10 machine on both 20.3 & 20.7, but only via Safari/IOS on 20.3

The constant differences in user experience between the browsers is such a pain !! Especially (for me) when the mobile browser (Safari/iPad) is such a constant day to day interaction these days.

Don't get me wrong, I completely understand why developers/application owners always promote the use of one or two specific browsers as they simply cannot test/support everything..

Sadly that doesn't make it much fun for those of us device and browser-hoppers. :frowning:

Does it work via Chrome on IOS?

Nope, I just tried it and I can’t connect into or out of any Link Nodes via the Chrome iOS browser with v0.27

And on v0.23 I can only connect the Input Link nodes.

Just borrowed an Ipad and can confirm that on 0.27 I can't connect a input Link node to a debug or an output Link node using Chrome

Chrome on iOS uses the same web engine as safari…


I could not drag a line from a link node to another node, but I could drag a line from another node to the link node in iOs Safari

Same thing for both link-out and link-in

YLSNED :slightly_smiling_face:

As far as I remember Firefox does too. It's one of the ground rules for iOS apps, that browsers have to use the standard engine and can't use something else. For most of my day-to-day usage I haven't considered that an issue, but I am disappointed that I can't use my firefox extensions I wrote to work crossplatform as because of this same idea extensions are not allowed/possible.