Link in / out - questions

in my project I have 10 flow and 5 dashboard for as many tablet.
In every dashboard I have text, button, switch, gauge, ecc. ecc. and I like change, label, color text, background color, ecc. ecc. based on temperature, alarm, sensor motion, door sensor, ecc. ecc ......

To send value between flow I often use the node link in / link out, but I use these node also inside the single flow to have a better view of the same flow but at the end these node are a lot, about 12/14 for flow .....

There is a limit to the number of node link in / link out?
Into a flow, is better use these node or "pull" a line? (link)
Well, is this the better solution for my function?

There are no limits to how you use link nodes. They are there for you to use however you would like and if you feel they help you organise your flows, then that's all that matters.

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Ok, thank you very much ...

Dear @knolleary,
I know you're the boss of node-red , but yesterday has happened again ... (it was the reason for my first post)
After I added four new link-in / link-out another link-in / link-out has stopped working and this old link node worked for many months and is not connected to the new link node.
I changed the old link node with mqtt node and now all work fine ....
This is for my system of course, but as a matter of fact .....

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