Connect Misubishi PLC Q03UDVCPU with mcprotocol node

Hello, need help connecting Mitsubishi PLC using mcprotocol. PLC's model no. is Q03UDVCPU.

can anyone help me configuring the node?

Read this thread and this thread - there are many clues in there of what things to look at and what settings to try out.

Also, read through the closed issues on github (lots of similar info in them)

If you still dont have success, share detailed information about...

  • what you connect to (PLC Ethernet port or E71 card)
  • IP address settings
  • Open Port settings
  • Screenshot of config node
  • Can node-red server actually PING the PLC
  • etc

Thanks, these threads might help :+1:

I used PLC Ethernet port
Host -
for port I used Zenmap app and found 5 open ports

UDP - 5001,6,8,9
TCP - 5007

while using UDP I kept
Frame - 4E
Protocol - UDP
PLC Type - Q

& when using TCP
Frame - 3E
Protocol - TCP
PLC Type - Q

And only with TCP it showed connected. But when injected I get error : timeout

apart from above I tried with countless combinations but no success :sob:

Try to answer every question I asked please

I've gone through the post and I think changing open system setting from MELSOFT connection to MC protocol can work.

But Is there a way to communicate through MELSOFT connection ?


Not with this node no. I couldn't get it to work.

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