MC Protocol Timeout / Not connected

I have a project to read a mitsubishi PLC Q03UDE CPU (installed on machine), I'm trying to read using node-red-contrib-mcprotocol (node-red-contrib-mcprotocol (node) - Node-RED) but still the PLC won't even connect to my node-red.

I tried to follow the video from this (PLC Mitsubishi Q03UDE Dashboard node red |EP03| Setup PLC Node-red - YouTube), exactly the same configuration (except the IP) but still it won't connect.

in TCP mode the nodes says "Not connected", in UDP mode the node says "ready", but when I inject, it says "timeout".

here's the settings in the GX Works 2 software

yes the IP is not 192.168 or 172 or 10.
and the subnet mask and gateway is not in set.
is it the problem? or I miss something in PLC settings?

and is still don't get the frame settings in plc side (1E, 3E, 4E).

I'm having the same issues when trying to implement the tutorial from that video. I haven't found the solution.

I will try to help you but you will need to supply all information...

  1. PLC type
  2. Ethernet type (on-board / card type)
  3. PLC IP address
  4. Screenshot of parameter settings
  5. Screenshot of parameter settings -> open settings
  6. Node-red IP address

Also, can the computer where node-red is installed ping the PLC?

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