Connect Node-red to ERP

Hi every one. Is it possible to make interaction between NR and one of ERP softwares ?

Probably. But without any more details it is impossible to be more specific.

what kind of details do you need to know Please?!
i'm only looking for way to connect Nr to ERP ..

Ok, let me answer it like this.

"ERP" does not identify a single application. "ERP" is a type of application and there are many different applications available that describe themselves as ERP.

Calling something ERP does not define anything about what interfaces it exposes for application to interact with it.

Whether or not Node-RED can interact with any application will depend on which specific application you are talking about. If it exposes some sort of API, probably a REST HTTP API, then yes, Node-RED is probably going to be able to call that API.

So the answer depends 100% on what specific application you are asking about.

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First of all, thank you so much for your explantation.
Well, this is the first time i'am working with ERP applications, and honestly, i still have no application, i'am still looking wich one i can use with NR.
i will start searching again based on your information. An ERP application that exposes an API...

I have found tha Navision application can expose Api .. right ?

Sorry, I don't know anything about that application.

Really, you need to start to work out what you want to do with the ERP system. Then look at its API's to see if that is possible. Then, assuming an API and identity and access control scheme that Node-RED can work with, you will be able to start writing flows.

ERP systems vary massively, their configuration and security even more so.

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