Connect to MYSQL server which is powered off during night


I connected Node Red to a remote MySQL server, which is powered off during nights, starting between 4pm and 8pm randomly. When it is powered on, I can connect to it.

But at night, when it is powered off, I keep receiving every 4-8 seconds the Error: connect ETIMEDOUT message.

Is it possible to connect to it when the remote server is powered on? Or get rid of these messages?

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Capture the Error with a Catch node

I put a catch node with parameter: all and without output. The error message still comes to the debug panel every 2-3 seconds.

OK another idea could be to use the ping node - so it will automatically be recognized when the remote server is on-or offline and you can block your flow as long as the server is unreachable or even check each message send to MySQL server if server is reachable.

This could work when the flow starts only when triggered. But I do not trigger the flow, but it still wants to connect to MySQL, and as the remote server is powered off, it can not connect to it. So I keep on receiving the error message to the debug panel.

OK - if the error occurs even if no message receives the mySQL node - then I have no idea as well. Sorry. :frowning:

Thanks for your efforts, mickym2! :slight_smile:

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