Mysql etimedout

After doing a lot of mysql locally i am trying something from one to another server now
It works but after about 8 seconds i get etimedout
When i trigger the node again i get a correct output then 8 sec later again a etimedout

What could be the cause of the this?

Not sure - there seem to be quite a few indications on google that it means there is a connection issue to your server.

i found some.
most are about firewall
disabled the firewall, the de timedout comes from 4 seconds
so the error is faster then.

any other ideas are more then welcome, couldnt find other ideas

If you connect from the node red server machine using the msyql command line does it fail after a while in a similar way?
Also look in the mysql logs for any clues.

Ok i will try it from the command line.
But ehhh how can i do that?

By installing a mysql command line client. On Ubuntu that is mysql-client I believe.

Is running and no errors or problems with cmd line
So i gues it is nodejs or something??

Did you have a look in the mysql logs?

Also start node-red in a terminal and see if there are any other errors or warnings there. What version of node-red, nodjs and the sql node are you using? In fact it might be worth starting node-red in a terminal and copying the log in the terminal up to the point of failure and posting it here.

My provider and friend checked all but cannot find a solution.
I can create a test account if you like so you can have a look at it to check if it is not NR related.
Is that an idea?

While searching thru the forum i found out that i did not include the error message
"Error: connect ECONNREFUSED"
maybe this helps or someone else in the future... i continue to find a fix :wink:

Is that really the IP address of the mysql server? Show us a picture of the config where you enter the mysql server address.

Also you don't seem to have responded to this.

no i changed the ip.

strange thing is that it works and i get a response from the database server

but after few seconds it is down

NR version 1.0.6
node-red-node-mysql 0.1.0
Node.js version: v12.16.2

whoohooo i think i got it working now

truned on skip-external-locking on sql server side

That should be on by default, whoever turned it off may have had a reason.

interesting... - wonder what that does ? - will have to go look.

it was a new install, no idea who or what
only saw somewhere that it is not advised to turn it on

For mysqld external locking is controlled by the value of the skip_external_locking system variable. When this variable is enabled, external locking is disabled, and vice versa. External locking is disabled by default.

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