Connect to ubnt with exec

hi, how can i connect to ubnt or any device in network that working with ssh or ... n exec ?
i mean how to connect and how to put command ?

Did you search (anywhere) ?

If you want to use ssh you will need passwordless or with a pem/keyfile, anything scripted with a password is not secure, then you can use ssh with an exec node. For ubiquiti there are also nodes available.

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i know there is a node for ubiquiti for unify, and its also connect successfully for nano station but i don't know what is the commands and the command's in helper and git are works only for unify. all of the default command return empty message in debug section.
and i already have a tab for monitoring all of my unify access point.
can you tell me more about exec and how its work ? i search in google and im found noting useful to understand.

anyway, i found big-ssh node in node-red, and its worked. thanks.