Connecting Gigabit Ethernet Camera to node Red!

Hello everyone,

i am trying to connect a Gigabit Ethernet Camera from Basler to Node Red.
The Camera model is a: Basler a2A1920-51gcBAS GigE Vision Kamera ace2

Does anyone have an idea how to connect it to node red?

The camera has an API to use with python.

The camera does not use: REST, RTSP and FTP.

best regards

Use the samples to build a python application that runs continuously and communicates to/from Node-RED via MQTT.

You could define a trigger topic to begin capture (inject --> MQTT out "camera/1/trigger") then send the resulting image back to node-red (MQTT-in "camera/1/image" --> )

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Hi Steve-McI thanks for your fast replyđź‘Ť

So your solution might be:
(Basler Camera) <-> (Python APP) <-MQTT-> (Node Red)

Do you have any suggestion for the Python app. I have only little experiences in Python.

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