Reliable IP Camera

Looking for any recommendations / experiences with integrating IP cameras (security cameras) with Node Red.

I'm currently using a Hikvision camera with the Hikvision-ultimate node to trigger a flow on a Line Crossing event. The node itself works fine, but the Hikvision camera event triggers are unreliable. Line Crossing detection, for example, works until it doesn't work. I'm sure its just buggy firmware, but the camera is no longer supported (no more firmware updates.)

So what I'm looking for are cameras with event triggers (Line Crossing, etc) and an open API with which Node Red can interface.

Hi @TheadehAnank,

Don't know if it contains stuff like "line crossing", but recently @kevinGodell and @wb666greene recently shared their enthousiasm about Amcrest IP camera's in another discussion.


I don't really understand the use case for line crossing without also having some sort of object detection and tracking so I'm not surprised that anything built into camera firmware wouldn't work very well in the real world.

But there is a JavaScript module "point-in-polygon" where you make an array of vertex points of a polygon and pass this and the X,Y point in question to the function and get true/false if the point is inside the polygon.

I use a camera image viewed in GIMP to map out the polygon points for my boundaries (I live on the corner so lots of people being detected need to be ignored) where I can just read vertex pixel coordinates in the status line to get the polygon array of vertex points, and pass the "lower right" point of the object detection box to see if the person is "on my property" or not. Works extremely well.

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