'Ring' camera motion event?

Hi everyone,

I just installed a ring outdoor camera and am now trying to trigger events in my smarthome when the camera detects any motion. Unfortunatelly I don't get it working.

iobroker does not send motions that are or are not detected to node-red and the node-red adapters that I found also do not send events. After searching arround for a bit I also found the hint that I shall hook into alexa - but the alexa endpoint just gives me the information that the device is present - no "motion" endpoint that I could listen.

Has anybody got that working and can help how to set it up?


Your topic title is 'Ring doorbell camera motion event?'
...whilst your opening line says;

Is it a Ring doorbell, or is it a Ring outdoor camera?

Have a look at this topic which I created some time ago (and still works today) for obtaining alerts from the Ring doorbell.
Both devices I suspect will use a similar 'Alexa' background function.

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Hi @Paul-Reed ,

it is indeed an outdoor camera. I used the "Ring Doorbell" line to identify the brand. I guess just "Ring" would have been enough.

I'll check the link you provided...

Allright, I checked the tut you provided and followed all the steps as mentioned. Sounds absolutely good and understandable. I had no trouble wo walk all the steps through.

I still do not receive any event in node-red.

I did the same already before in order to debug. I created a routine and requested the camera to send me a push notification when a motion is detected - all out of the alexa app, so no "integration" issue can come up. I also do not receive these push notifications.

Something is wrong over here...

The camera itself records fine and I can see the push notifications from ring itself on my phone. But the camera does not talk to anyone else...