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'Ring Doorbells' have been taken over by 'Amazon', and have changed their api, so that the new range of doorbells will no longer work with IFTTT, which means that I now need to find a new solution to get 'Doorbell press' & 'Motion Announcement' into node-RED.

Having spent an hour earlier being passed around the Ring support team, they have told me that the only interaction possible is by using Amazon skills, which I know nothing about...
They advised me to add the 'Ring skill' to the Alexa app, and then use that as a trigger to somehow link into node-RED.
So the first part I sort of understood, and I've managed to link the skill to my doorbell -

...but the adviser was unaware of node-RED, and I guess my free support time was then up!

Anyone any ideas of how to take this forward? I don't need any audio/video, just a trigger in node-RED when there is a 'Doorbell press' or 'Motion Announcement'.

You should be able to create a virtual alexa device with one of the alexa nodes,

or a local node

Then create a routine in Alexa app that will turn on/off etc the virtual device with the ring doorbell as the trigger.

Just reading through the readme, and previous posts by the node author - @lius I'm not sure that I'm obtaining the Amazon Oauth client ID & Secret correctly.

I've registered in the Amazon developers portal, but following this article, it appears that I have to create and publish an app to Amazon to obtain the ID & secret for the node's config... is that correct??
(I thought it was a 'virtual' app).

Are you on the correct node as all i did was

Oh dear... no, I installed node-red-contrib-alexa-virtual smarthome by mistake :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I've now got the correct node!
The node however does not appear to offer a doorbell option though.


You just need a trigger so a switch would do, have the alexa routine turn it on then a second later off. In node red use the on response as a doorbell has been pushed trigger. A scene may also work not tried though.

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@E1cid finally got it working, and learnt a lot about Alexa in the process.
It appears that we can repeatedly trigger the same switch state, and get an alert each time, so I've set switch = ON to signify a doorbell push, and switch = OFF to signify a motion event.

It all works very quickly, without any noticeable latency, so very pleased with the outcome.

Thanks for your help :+1:

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