Ring doorbell - is there a working contrib node?

Do you know if there is any alternative to node-red-contrib-ringdoorbell that works with the new authentication ?

Just got one on Amazon day and would like to add some NR goodness :wink:

I've moved this post to it's own thread...

@smcgann99 - There isn't a contrib node that works, as far as I know.
However... I am using IFTTT to interact with the Ring doorbell, to detect motion & rings.

I'm combining the Ring applet with the Webhook applet, and which then posts alerts to a node-RED endpoint.

It works pretty reliably, although I have just purchased a 'Ring Video Doorbell Wired' doorbell, which was only launched a few weeks ago, and the IFTTT applet has not been yet updated to work with that model.

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The joys of proprietary, cloud-based IoT :anguished:


I use home assistant as a bridge to nodered to determine motion etc

I've no personal experience with it, but Amcrest makes a 1080p wired (power, 12-24V "doorbell" transformer) that connects via WiFi and can stream the camera over rtsp meaning it will work with Blue Iris, etc. Just Google "Amcrest Video Doorbell"

I have used Amcrest DVRs, NVRs, and 4K cameras.

I started my "AI Person Detection" project partially motivated by all the false motion alerts my friend got from her Ring doorbell while we were on a diner date. My project can use any rtsp stream that VLC can play and have used a few that it can't with some oddball straight from China cameras (OpenCV/gstreamer seems a bit more versatile than VLC, but VLC is a much easier and quicker test).

@wb666greene - The OP has just purchased a Ring doorbell, and not looking for an alternative, just a solution for the question that has been asked at post#1.

I replied on the assumption that others reading might be interested in possibly getting off the proprietary protocol treadmill if contemplating doing such a thing.

With a doorbell delivering a "normal" rtsp stream all the node-red "display live video in the dashboard threads" goodness becomes available.

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OK so I have a cunning plan :wink:

I setup a virtual switch device in alexa-home, and used an alexa routine to switch it on when ring detects bell press, then I can use the node output to trigger any actions I need !!

Thanks - I'm not sure I understand all security issues exposing my PI to the internet, but it sounds like it may not have worked for me anyway as I think thats the same bell I got.

So my cunning plan should work for you also.

@smcgann99, I can confirm that your 'cunning plan' also works perfectly fine with VSH: An Alexa routine can trigger a virtual device state change or scene, which you can then react to in Node-RED.

By the way, the latest VSH version v2.11.0 also adds support for a 'virtual doorbell event source', which can be used for the reversed use-case: Something in Node-RED can trigger an Alexa routine or announce a doorbell event at a configured Echo device.

Take a look at Tutorial: how to obtain Ring Doorbell alerts for node-RED flows

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Nice write up - but I claim dibs on the cunning plan :wink:

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