Doorbell with node red


I am looking for a doorbell that will integrate with node red. I know a few of them integrate with node red via home assistant, but I'd prefer to not use home assistant if possible.

I'd also like the doorbell to be hard wired. I don't need video as I already have a Dahua camera on the door. I just want to know when the doorbell has been pressed so I can trigger my flow.

Any recommendations? Prefer not to try and build my own with smart relays and a simple door bell at this stage.

I was looking at the Ring doorbell, but a few threads on here say that you cannot integrate with it anymore.

I think anything being marketed will be overkill and over priced compared to a simple doorbell button and MCU combo

What you say you want is just a simple momentary button... so any basic doorbell switch should do the trick if wired directly up to the GPIO of an RPi or ESP8266/32 and retransmit the signal via MQTT to your Node-Red server. Just isolate the switch to the 3.3v GPIO range (AKA don't use existing 12v etc. wiring for normal doorbells) and keep the wire run short. Power the device via battery or USB adapter.


You've raised a good point, I'll just use a button with a Shelly 1 and communicate via MQTT.

Thanks for the tip

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