Doorbell via google assistent

hello all,

I want to purchase a video doorbell, that i want to couple to my domotic system.
I already have a NodeRed in the system, that is working well.

I see a lot of doorbells having a google assistent interface.
I'm wondering if it's possible to have this coupled then when the doorbell is call, i can fe. activate an output (fe. a light) or anything else that is possible via NodeRed.

Does anybody has experience with it or can recommend a certain device?

already thanks!

For optimal integration with existing google hardware ( nest mini's and nest hubs ) go for the google nest hello. Unfortunately there has not been a good api allowing you to use it for integration in an existing system. This however changed the other week when Google announced their Google Device Access program. You pay a one time fee of 5 dollar to get acces and the API should be able to do the things you want (and more). It'll be a matter of time until someone writes the needed nodered component.

I use a Ring doorbell - £89 and although there isn't an official Ring api, there is node-red-contrib-ringdoorbell which uses the unofficial Ring api!
You can't get access to the video stream, but I use it to trigger alerts via node-RED, such turning on lights and Google Nest voice alerts.

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