Connecting to HIVE MQ Cloud

I have setup a HIVE MQ cluster as my MQTT Broker
However, I am having problem establishing a connection.
The MQTT just hangs at "connecting".

Note, using the PUBLIC HIVE MQTT broker work ok. Its just the HIVE MQ that I am having with.

Can you downgrade your cluster to a single broker and see what happens then?

Finally got it working.
Did a clean install of:

  1. Raspberry OS
  2. Re-installed Node JS and Node Red per instructions here:

So I believe the problem is with node.js version and Node Red versions

I'm glad you resolved your issue, but the "nuke-it-from-space" approach doesn't tell us much about the source of the problem. I realize that it's more work, but some step-by-step troubleshooting could benefit someone with a similar issue in the future who finds your post.

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