HIveMQ Cloud Broker has a Basic free option


Thanks for this. I did try it but it uses the mqtts protocol with user name and password that cannot be set up in the standard NR nodes

Seems to work for me



Seems to work for me

In your working example screenshot Simon, you have selected a SSL/TLS connection, but don't appear to have added a TLS configuration??

Ok, so the only difference I can see is that you enable secure connection but then do not configure any certificates?

Wow ! Thanks, learn something new every day
Just for clarity you can enable secure which changes the protocol to mqtts and uses a user name and password and you do not have to configure certificates

Thanks for the clarification and recommendation :grinning:

I have no real idea of what/how SSL/TLS works :slight_smile:

I first tested this broker out using MQTT Explorer and found I had to to enable encryption

so I just did it in NR as well :slight_smile:

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My (vague) understanding of this area is that you would use certificates in the client if you wished to only allow clients with valid certificates to connect to the broker. Much as you can use keys with ssh to allow access.

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I've tried more time with your tip, but I wasn't successful. Any help would be great.

I'm running node-red on a PI, would be this the problem?

Shouldn't make any difference

Can you connect to your HiveMQ broker using MQTT Explorer?

Yes. I can connect from the MQTT Explorer in Windows 10.

I didn't find any app for raspberry pi, like MQTT Explorer, to try from Raspbian. Do you know any app I could install?

Don't know of any sorry

But checking from Windows shows that Hive is working

I've no idea why it wouldn't work (apart from entering the wrong info)

You can use the command line programs mosquitto_pub and mosquitto_sub. If they have not been automatically installed then use
sudo apt install mosquitto-clients

I've two Rpi, then I used the second one and I discovered the node works.
So I think I've something to fix in the Rpi that is not working with the mqtt node and HiveMQ config.

The not working Rpi
pi@raspberrypi:~ $ npm version
npm: '6.14.4',
ares: '1.15.0',
brotli: '1.0.7',
cldr: '36.0',
http_parser: '2.9.3',
icu: '65.1',
llhttp: '2.0.4',
modules: '72',
napi: '5',
nghttp2: '1.40.0',
node: '12.16.2',
openssl: '1.1.1e',
tz: '2019c',
unicode: '12.1',
uv: '1.34.2',
v8: '',
zlib: '1.2.11'

The working one:
pi@raspberrypi:~ $ npm version
npm: '6.14.11',
ares: '1.16.1',
brotli: '1.0.9',
cldr: '37.0',
icu: '67.1',
llhttp: '2.1.3',
modules: '83',
napi: '7',
nghttp2: '1.41.0',
node: '14.15.4',
openssl: '1.1.1i',
tz: '2020a',
unicode: '13.0',
uv: '1.40.0',
v8: '8.4.371.19-node.17',
zlib: '1.2.11'

Do I've to upgrade the one that is not working? And how?
Any help would be appreciated.

You can mark as SOLVE.
After a bush command to upgraqde

bash <(curl -sL

Everything is ok.

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