Connection failed to broker: mqtt://

I've read posts on forums but haven't found anything that solves my problem, I'm using version 2.x,
please help me it is for my course

I installed version 2.0

how to add the lines below to mosquitto.conf file? and what are the lines below? I've read the link but, I still don't understand, what should I do, I sorry sir, because I am an amateur in this case

Do you know where the config file is? If so then open it with a text editor (not a word processor) and add those lines to the end.

also we understand from your screenshot, you are running the Mosquitto MQTT broker on the same machine as Node-red.

can you confirm that the internal IP of your computer is indeed
by running ipconfig in windows command prompt

Also, if the broker is on the same machine as node red and you don't want to access the broker from other machines on your network then you can specify localhost instead of the IP address, and then you don't need to change the config file.

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