Connection failed to broker:mqtt and node-red

hello everyone,
i have installed mosquitto broker and node-red on my pc
using mosquitto broker i am able to sub to topics and i am able to publish mesaageson the topic
however when i am ooening node-red on local host and deploying mqtt pallete error message is being generated in command line that connection to bro


10 Feb 11:42:04 - [info] Starting flows
10 Feb 11:42:04 - [info] Started flows

  • Building index.html...10 Feb 11:42:04 - [info] [mqtt-broker:mqtt] Connection failed to broker: mqtts://localhost:1883
    | Building index.js...10 Feb 11:42:19 - [info] [mqtt-broker:mqtt] Connection failed to broker: mqtts://localhost:1883


Welcome to the forum @ravi071213

The clue is that says mqtts instead of mqtt. That suggests that you have configured the broker node. I am not at my computer so can't check exactly what the settings are but look for the word secure or/and TLS and make sure you haven't selected it

It will be very helpful if you can provide a solution to this...I am all stuck in my project

How exactly have you configured the mqtt node? As Colin says, it looks like you have configured it to use TLS/mqtts - the solution is to change it to not use TLS.

Thanks a lot Collin it helped...all working now

Yeah I have removed the check mark from TLS and it worked...hooray

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