Connection Speed Comparisons

I have started using @Steve-Mcl 's excellent flow-timer in my development to compare various ways of doing things and found some interesting anecdata to share.

When comparing 3 ways of connecting 2 nodes, I found the following:

  1. Connecting directly is consistently the fastest
  2. Connecting via link out and link in nodes seems to add a consistent 1ms
  3. Connecting via mqtt out and mqtt in nodes seems to add a fairly consistent 40-41ms.
    Here is a sample of may comparison looks like (updated image):

I doubt this matters in most applications, but I am trying to speed up my flows as much as possible to increase family acceptance of smarthome automation.

Just in case anyone is wondering about the setup, Node-Red and Mosquitto (MQTT server) are running in separate containers on a Synology NAS, so the IP connection between the 2 which is traversed twice probably isn't as bad as it might be if they were physically separate.


What device is node red running on?
What mqtt broker are you using?
Where is the broker running?

To be expected. No msg cloning etc.

Sounds reasonable.

For a localhost mosquito - I get a fairly consistent 3~4ms
For a local network mosquito - I get a replies anywhere from 6~40ms

I prefer to see where all my spaghettis run anyhow :spaghetti: , so no need to loose that 1ms each :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I thought that was already listed in the last paragraph? Besides this doesn't sound like an question needing a solution, more like a "hey look what I found out" :smiley:

Strange, I didn't see that the first time. Probably operator error due to trying to reply on my phone.

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