Error stopping node: Close timed out - MQTT nodes

After upgrading to v2.0+ I started getting this error on every deploy. The node that it points to is always a MQTT node. Sometimes an IN node and sometimes an OUT node. Also, the deploy itself takes about 10-15 seconds now. I did a search on the topic and it talked about Config nodes. That issue does not seem to apply here.

Are you running the broker in Node-RED or externally?

There was an issue reported along these lines when using one of the contrib nodes that host an mqtt broker in Node-RED - although that dates back to the 2.0 release.

I am using an internal node. It is the Aedes broker node. I am running NR v 2.1.2

Generally, in my opinion, it is better to use Mosquitto. It is very easy to install and configure.

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I may need to do that. The reason that I went with a broker node was it made it easier to manage the flow via making it a project and backing it up with github. When deploying to other devices I did not need to also install mosquitto or another non-node broker. I was just being lazy. :slight_smile:

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@knolleary should I move to a non-node based broker?

That's up to you. I'm not aware of a fix being forthcoming for the close time out issue. You could either follow up with the maintainer of the nodes you're using, or switch to an external broker.

Personally, I share @Colin's view that it's better to use Mosquitto outside of Node-RED.

Will do. Thanks

Hi, I am the maintainer of node-red-contrib-aedes.
Just to let you know the issue does not happen if you deploy Modified Flows or Modified Nodes only