Connection to SE Machine Advisor Server

Hello everyone! I am starting to learn Nodered and my first task is to send data to the Schneider Electric Machine Advisor server. I have such data to connect:
So, in Node-Red I created an output in which I inserted the connection parameters data to me, like this:
Sorry, I can't use more than 2 pictures in post so i give link:
The problem is that when I create the flow with data, there is no connection to the server: Please tell me where is the wrong setting or at least in what direction to look.

Regards, Daniil.

Can you connect to the server if you use another client such as mosquitto_sub or mqtt-explorer?

Colin, Thanks for your reply! I have an error "Disconnected from server" in MQTT Explorer.

So it is a problem with your mqtt broker then. Not a node-red problem.
Are you sure that the Schneider service is an MQTT server? Also the usual port for MQTT is 1883 but you have said it is 1800.

Colin, I will try to study this issue in more detail. I tried both 8883 and 1883. Thank you very much for your help.

Did you solve this problem?