Context (Storage) File lock issue during restart of Node

Background: On the edge device for guaranteed delivery, I use File ContextStorage. On a regular basis, the file gets used, the edge device gets rebooted for some uncontrollable reasons sometimes but the node-red service doesn't come up automatically as it has this File lock issue on this context file.

Once we remove this context file/folder and restart manually it works fine. (one thing I am thinking is to move to SQLLite instead of File based context storage but that is significant change at this point)

Question: Is there a way to avoid this file lock issue for hard reboots when the filestorage is in constant use?

You could perhaps find a command line utility that clears the lock and simply run that on each boot before node-red runs?

I also think there is a REDIS version of context store? If your device is up to running that, it might help.

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