Continuous Value Update using slider node in Node Red

Hello all,
I am trying to make a flight control system, where when user enters lat/lon the icon moves to those points in the map. The mechanism I want to implement is to have a slider also attached with the inject so that when the slider value (for e.g speed > 0) the marker/icon should move on the map but so far as I have connected an inject to update the value till the input lat/lon values the marker moves but I want this marker to move when the slider value is > 0. I have tried a lot of workarounds but till now only when the payload of slider is greater than 0, the marker only moves once in the map ( let's say lat:1 ,lon:1) for the rest of points it does not moves until and unless the slider is increased again and again. Any idea or help would be appreciated in this regard? Thank you.

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I have therefore closed the other thread as it has no responses. Please only create 1 thread for your question.

In addition, you may find people currently reluctant to answer questions about UAV flight control automation right now given everything that is happening in the world. This is unfortunate but understandable.

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