Control an audio player on a separate PC

Before searching in vain, I would like to know if this is possible :

I use a PC as a media player, on which music is played with Musicbee ; this pc is connected to the box via ethernet.
Node-red is installed on a Raspberry Pi, also ethernet-connected to the box and acting as a wifi access point.

With this configuration, is it possible for Node-red to send commands to Musicbee (previous/next/play/stop/pause) ?

If not, would this be possible by configuring the installation differently?


A quick search turned this up:

But it is designed to work with a mobile app. However, if you can work out the protocol used, you should be able to use it with Node-RED. It seems to have been updated fairly recently so possibly the author might be responsive.

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This is indeed a very good lead, which seems to suggest that something might be possible.
I took the liberty of asking the plugin's developer, and perhaps he'll have time to answer.



I don't know this application but as it supports plugins, perhaps there is one for MQTT or HTTP control? That would make it far easier to control than working with a proprietary protocol.

I don't have any of the necessary skills to implement such a project, I'm barely good at using other people's work... :smiling_face:
Having said that, even though I have no idea what can be done with it, I'm posting here the various links I feel relate to the question ; if anyone ever wants to look into it, this might save them five minutes.

Home assistant MQTT MediaPlayer
Plugin MusicBee IPC and docs
Plugin MusicBee UPnP/DLNA
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