Node-red control mplayer on windows

Hello, I saved several music(mp3 format) on my windows PC, and install node-red on this windows PC, I want use node-red to control mplayer to play the music I want, does any body have this kind of experience, and if this achived, can I install the node-red on one linux server, use node-red to control the local PC mplayer playing the music I want, is that possible?
thanks for you replying.

OK - this response has nothing to do with 'mplayer', but if you just want to play mp3 files then one clever piece of FREE software you might want to consider is 'Single File PHP Audio Player'.

You need a web server capable of running PHP 5 scripts and a client browser that supports HTML5 and JavaScript. As shown below, one of the benefits is, you just drop all your music and the index.php file in a directory on your server. This is an example from one of my Raspberry Pi servers.

There is an on-line demo on the author's (Kenny Svalgaard) website, so you can try it out.


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