Play audio file

I ty to use the "Play audio file" node but can't find the way to make it work. I can play mp3 music from my Raspberry pi with VLC software with no problem. I'd like to know if there is a dependency to have it work or any other detail I missed. Thanks.

Alway useful if you give the full name of the node, as it helps others know what node you mean.

If you mean

As per the ReadMe it is to play audio in the browser, and there are requirements listed in the ReadMe

Hi @Ghbisson,

It will be useful for us that you share the part of your flow that is playing your music.

When I look at the web audio compatibility chart, all major browser should be able to play mp3.

If I'm not mistaken, the node-red-contrib-play-audio node plays audio in the Node-RED flow editor, and not in the Node-RED dashboard. Make sure that you are not trying to listen with the wrong tool ...

And you can always have a look at the console log of your browser, to see if the web audio library has logged perhaps any problems ...


Yeap I should have add the complete name
Here's the link:

Ah, never seen that node. Seems that it plays an audio file via a command-line based audio player that needs to be installed on linux. Sorry I have only experience with audio loaded from my Raspberry (e.g. using node-red-contrib-play-audio) and then send to my browser where it needs to play. Good luck!