Searching an audio player (+flow) for streams / local files

I ve a view audio related questions:
Is there a way to fast-foward / rewind a mp3 song while playing with PlaySound node?
How to play .m3u playlists / streams ?
I could manage to extract the steam url from .m3u and put it into the playsound node... but is there a better way ?
What I want is a player to use with node red for mp3 and different formats, streams, supporting ff / rw, resume, giving back a play position/time ... or a node tha sopports this (radio stream stations , file local playback) ... the basic stuff for poor a musicplayer :slight_smile:
Any ideas ? Thx !

Is there a way to fast-foward / rewind a mp3 song while playing with PlaySound node?

If you are talking about node-red-contrib-play-sound it is based on nodejs play-sound. It play sounds by shelling out to one of the available audio players so it would depend on the abilities of the player you were using.

As for the rest, looks like your going to have to do some digging and testing. I did provide a music player project I made you could use as a starting point.

Yes, your player is nice but would need a lot of work to get to the features I want to.

better start working then :slight_smile:

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Ok, I just can´t imagine how I should change parameters from an instance eg. mplayer which runs in background or could be started in CLI. It expects me to send keys < > to change song position. Do you have any idea about that ?

If you notice in the music player, the volume is controled by an exec node using mixer. The player controls (next/previous/pause/start) are all sent thru the playsound node (node-red-contrib-play-sound). I set it up with two possible players - apply and mplayer. That is because of the way the node works, it searches thru a variety of players, and I wanted to be able to work on my mac or a pi.

You might want to look at play-sound to see if it will help in your understanding.

Good luck and I'll be interested in what you develop.

the node-red-node-daemon is sort of like the exec node - but allows you to send messages to the running process via STDIN so you could send commands that way , while it is running.

Thx ! Nice hint .... it works fine.... if only I would know how to send the arrow keys to STDIN ?

EDIT: Phew, I tried view hours to send an arrow key but could get any success :frowning:

EDIT2: I managed it with setting up a custon configuration file for mplayer