Does anyone have an example of this node running on a ubuntu machine?

I can't get it to play any sound. When I start an mp3 it auto stops directly.
I image it has something to do with the options you can provide.
I have mplayer installed and in the terminal it plays just fine with mplayer.

I'm migrating my node red from macOS to ubuntu. On the mac everything worked just fine. I used "{"afplay": [ "-v", 0.3 ] } " in the option box of the node.

So any help would be appreciated!

From what I can find, Ubuntu uses PluseAudio for its player. You will need to figure out the CLI commands to get that to work but be aware the node hasn't been updated in 4 1/2 years...

Here is a link to a 'hints' issue I wrote back in 2018 that might give you some help: How to serve up options to a player (AFPLAY tested) · Issue #6 · MattVador/node-red-contrib-play-sound · GitHub

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