Control Heater using node-red

Hello, I have a raspberry pi which is connected to a solid-state relay bricklet. the following code describes how I turn off and on the heater. Is it possible to implement this on node-red? I want to control the temperature and heater using node red. I am a newbie so any leads would be really appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile:

HOST = "localhost"
PORT = 4223
UID1 = "PTC"  # PTC Bricklet
UID3 = "HL"  # Solid State Relay -- Heater 

import time
starttime = time.time()
while True:

    import csv
    import math
    from time import *
    from time import sleep
    import logging as log

    # Import components
    from tinkerforge.ip_connection import IPConnection
    from tinkerforge.bricklet_ptc_v2 import BrickletPTCV2
    from tinkerforge.bricklet_solid_state_relay_v2 import BrickletSolidStateRelayV2
    from tinkerforge.bricklet_thermocouple_v2 import BrickletThermocoupleV2

    import datetime
    from datetime import timedelta
    import calendar

    if __name__ == "__main__":
        ipcon = IPConnection()  # create IP connection

        tptc_cdo = BrickletPTCV2(UID1, ipcon)  # Create device object
        ssrHL_cdo = BrickletSolidStateRelayV2(UID3, ipcon)  # Create device object
        ipcon.connect(HOST, PORT)  # Don't use device before ipcon is connected

        temperature_IN = tptc_cdo.get_temperature()"Temperature_OUT: " + str(temperature_IN/100.0) + " °C")

        # Get current date and time
        Time_act = gmtime()
        Year = str(Time_act[0])
        Month = str(Time_act[1])
        Day = str(Time_act[2])
        Hour = str(Time_act[3] + 2)
        Minute = str(Time_act[4])
        Second = str(Time_act[5])

        timestamp = ((Year)+'.'+(Month)+'.'+(Day)+';'+(Hour)+':'+(Minute)+':'+(Second))"Start-time: " + str(timestamp))

        if Time_act[3] > 3 and Time_act[3] < 17: # This is GMT so +2 hours (start heating at 6: set to >3)

            with open('Experiments_Heating_20210628.csv', 'a', newline='') as file:
                writer = csv.writer(file)
                writer.writerow([str(timestamp), temperature_IN/100.0, ssrHL_cdo.get_state(), temperature_OUT/100.0])

            if (temperature_IN / 100.0) < 26.20:
      "Heat R\L ON")
            if (temperature_IN / 100.0) < 27.75:
      "Heat L ON")
            if (temperature_IN / 100.0) > 27.85:
      "Heat OFF")
        if Time_act[3] > 16:
  "Heat OFF")

Taking a quick look at the tinkerforge documentation it looks like they support I2C so you could try adding node-red-contrib-i2c to your flow and seeing if you can get it to talk the device.

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