Control Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air condition units (WF-RAC)?

Today, I've got a new air conditioning unit from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Each indoor unit contains a WiFi module which responds to JSON requests sent as HTTP POST to port 51443 and is usually accessed using the "Smart M-Air" app on a smartphone.
Unfortunately, the response is encoded in some weird way.

Some guys already implemented controlling the units via Home Assistant and ioBroker. Unfortunately, I have no experience in writing my own Node-RED nodes. Therefore, my question: Maybe someone already tried to experiment with the API of those WiFi modules or maybe already created something working for Node-RED. At least I couldn't find any nodes yet.

I started to write my own node. So if anyone is also interested in controlling that kind of air condition device, you can find it on GitLab and in the npm registry.

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