HVAC Haier control

I have a Haier air conditioner, do you know if it is possible to control it through node red?

Does it support remote control operations via protocol? (MQTT/ModBus/HTTP/something-else)?

What model do you have?

Do you have a link to a product or technical manual?




It would be helpful to answer all questions

Sorry I was walking with the kids and I didn't see everything...

Where can I see the topic of remote control operations? The equipment has Wi-Fi and I manage it from the Haier app...


Hi @Hagory85,

I created about 3 years ago a flow for a Haier AC with MQTT and Node-RED in order to be controlled by Domoticz, for someone else.
Unfortunately I lost the flow, due to a crash, but from the forum post I might be able to reconstruct it.
If you are interested, you can read the post: Haier AC with MQTT and nodered ? - Domoticz


Hi FireWizard52

The problem is that the air machine doesn't communicate via mqtt... and I don't know how to do it

Hi @Hagory85,

The user, I created the flow for, used a kind of "Russian" dongle. I don´t think and maybe you don't want to order it, but if you use Google and search for "Haier" and "Github", you will find several hits and maybe there is a useful one.


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