Control samsung TV - Returns list of apps installed on your TV

I'm able to send key codes to my Samsung TV so the set-up is working.

However, how do I retrieve the list of apps. There is a Node for it but it seems that nothings happen when I use it. What should be in the inject Node?


It would hlp if you provided the full name of the node (node-red-contrib-?????) since noone but you knows that. Have you looked at the help tab for the node and the readme on the node's description and checked the GitHub page of the node to see if there are any known issues?

I'm using v1.3.12 of the following contrib: node-red-contrib-samsung-tv-control

The readme of the Node is not very helpful, it states:
Returns list of apps installed on your TV

This issue is not reported on GitHub


Did you configure the getToken node?

I'm not going to be able to help much since I don't have a Samsung TV. You might open an issue on GitHub and ask the author there. Also look thru the closed issues, they may give you some inside.

As indicated in the initial post I can send key commands and these are working.

So it is not a token issue.


Looking at the source code, there is a node called "samsung-tv-getapps" & it looks like you feed a msg into it (e.g. inject anything - a timestamp or true) & it returns the result in msg.payload. Have you tried that?

The Inject Node below is working to send Keys but not to get the app list. What should I change?


hi firstly, I dont have samsung TV

When I looked at the source code & it looks like there is a separete node named "samsung-tv-getapps" (the label would be "Samsung TV Get Apps")
Are you using this node?

And as I said, the inject can be whatever

If this is what you are already doing and it still doesnt work, then you could try posting an issue on the repository.

Indeed I'm using that Node.

I will add an Issue to GitHub.

Thanks for your support.


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FYI. It seems that other people has the same issues with the newest The Frame model.


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