Control via Messages in UI-SVG

Hi all
Trying to follow the examples given in the readme here

Assuming that I have correctly installed the dev branch - used:
npm install bartbutenaers/node-red-contrib-ui-svg#dev

got node-red-contrib-ui-svg@1.0.0

The clickable shapes works.

The control via messages doesn't work for me
Updating element attributes
Start/stop animations

If I copy the flows given in the readme, and replace my flows, the control messages still aren't working.
Does the Readme relate to the code in the Master branch?
As it appears to be the same in both master and dev, but the screen shots differ to what I see

I'm assuming I'm missing something simple, but no idea what, apart from experience with this node

The link from the nodes readme takes you to Announce node-red-contrib-ui-svg : feedback request

Hi Chris,
the DEV branch is a complete redesign of our first beta. But we didn't have time yet to update the readme file, so the readme file explains how it worked in the previous beta version.

Should have more spare time, but that is the way it is ...


No worries
Thought that may have been the case.
Some bits I've worked out.

I'll keep playing with it.
Any tips on the control messages?

I'm not at home now, so I can't verify. But if I'm not mistaken this is already explained in the node's Info panel (data binding section)?

And here is a nice screenshot from my partner in crime (@Steve-Mcl), which might help you:


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Thank You

Got them both working.
Thank You

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