no update/modification of "rotate: dur" bei Control via messages

hello, i can't control the following attribute via "Control via messages"!
-> ui_svg_graphicsPumpe.json (6.2 KB)
"command": "set_attribute",
"selector": "#Solarpumpe",
"attributeName": "dur",
"attributeValue": "1s"
"command": "update_attribute",
"selector": "#Solarpumpe",
"attributeName": "fill",
"attributeValue": "green"
The change of the color works, the change of the speed does not!


update -> im post Node-red-contrib-ui-svg : server side logging

switched on and -> "An SVG element selected by '#Solarpumpe' has no attribute with name 'fill'"

=> but the color changes!

Can you share/export this part of your flow, with e.g. inject node and svg node. I don't see at first sight what might be wrong. Might be a bug...

This is the export of my flowPumpe.json (6.2 KB)

NOOOO it´s not a bug!

<g id="Solarpumpe" transform="matrix(.26458 0 0 .25613 -138.24 159.34)" font-family="Arial" font-size="14px" stroke-width="1.0164">
   <g font-family="Arial" font-size="14px" stroke-width="1.0164">
    <g transform="matrix(.34425 0 0 -.31906 275.72 515.47)">
     <g stroke-width="3.117">
      <animateTransform id="Page-1" attributeName="transform"

a new id "Page-1" in the right place and you are ready to go.
"command": "set_attribute",
"selector": "#Page-1",
"attributeName": "dur",
"attributeValue": "0s"

Hello Bart,
after this small success another question.
This animation (pump) I would like to display outside the dashboard?
My SmartHome (HomeAssistant) shows the heating control on->

No problem. Glad that you found it yourself meanwhile!

Could you explain that a bit more in detail? Not sure what you mean.
The node-red-contrib-ui-svg node can only show a drawing in the Node-RED dashboard.

Thanks for the help, I am thrilled with "Node-Red" and "ui_svg_graphics"! I try to implement my visualization in the dashboard.
Great project and great work from you - THANKS

Thanks for the nice feedback!!

But can you explain that question a bit more!

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