Convert a string output for numerical output

Hi everyone!
I have a problem in my node red, and i can´t resolve it.
My output is a string such as you can see and i want that output will be just a numerical output.


It seems that your function node is the black hole. may be you should show how the input is and what topic you want to create as SQL statement. I would probably use a template node to build the SQL statement instead of a function node.

Tempmed, Tempmin, Temmax, are all int(numbers).

The question is more what do you want to do with the output from the sql query (I assume that is the output from it)

I guess he wants to specify a condition using one of the values within the array. But without knowing how the SQLstatement shouldlook like, we can only speculate.

If the out put should just numerical values - then I would inject the payload into a split node (may be twice - one to split the array, second to split the object), which generates 3 messages with numerical values and topics from the keys

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