Convert json from api to graphite


I'm new to node red, I'm working on a project where I get data from an api, do some filtering with a function. Now i'd like to save it to graphite. I installed the graphite plugin but the data is rejected. I know it's being rejected because the format is incorrect. I've been searching all day looking for examples but it seems as though everyone use influx db. In my case I don't wish to use influx, I have a lot of work flows that use graphite and i'd like to keep using graphite as my tsdb. I should mention that i'm pretty lousy at javascript. Has anyone ever done something like this before?

Hi @wolfman2g1
Tell us which node you are using (probably node-red-contrib-something). Also feed the data you are sending it into a debug node set to show the complete message and post the result here.
Are you getting a particular error?

I'm using the official container. 1.0.2: Maintenance Release

I'm not actually getting an error the data just doesn't show up in graphite.


What official container?

hopefully this one -

Does that include a graphite node? The question was which graphite node is being used.

No the official container doesn't include graphite by default. Your question was "What official container?" - nothing to do with graphite.

In the previous post I asked what node was being used, the OP replied that he was using the official container.

Sorry I guess i misread the question. I use carbon relay ng to send metrics to a small metrictank set up that i have running.

Now I am confused, I thought you were using node-red to write to graphite. If that is the case how are you doing that? I assumed you were using a contrib node but possibly that is not the case. In which case please give us full details of how you are trying to write to graphite.

I'm sorry. don't know why that wasn't clicking in my mind. I'm using

It's old

And it doesn't give many clues on how to use it.
I notice that it uses UDP, is that normal for graphite? It seems a bit odd as I think with UDP you can't know whether your packets get there or not.